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Join our 
6 Week Challenge!

Are you ready to make a change?


Limited spots available.

Reserve yours today!

 Our six week challenge caters to those wanting to lose fat, build muscle increase their athletic performance, lower stress, or just get back into a routine!
Our Nutrition Plan will teach you everything you need to know to eat healthy and lose weight, but more importantly, keep the weight off! It's not a "one size fits all" plan. 
Our coaches will keep you accountable, be there to help with fitness modifications, recovery, following your nutrition plan and more! They will be there for you each step of the challenge.

Thanks for submitting!


“The entire experience was great. From the first meeting to my final weigh-in. There’s always something intimidating about joining something like this but the staff and all the coaches are welcoming and encouraging (even on the tough days). It didn’t take long for this place to feel like home. If they run another challenge, do it.”


“I had given up on losing weight. Life got in the way and getting the weight off felt a million miles away. When I saw the offer for the 6-Week challenge I knew I had to do it. I felt like quitting the first week. Then I remembered my kids and why I got started. The physical change was mind-blowing to me, but even better, my kids got their mom back. Thanks for the new lease on life.”
"Best. Decision. Ever. Let me tell you, I got fitness, nutrition, and an accountability coach. It made me feel like I had my own trainer. And FINALLY results. Real results that I know how to keep. Do it.”
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